Simon Barnes

Director / DOP / Photographer

Simon graduated from the Cape Town Technical University with a degree in graphics and photography and work initially as an agency Art Director and then as photographer. Simon decided to move to London to pursue his photography and soon found his career calling. After a successful 8 years working as Photographer in his studio in London, Simon made the decision to return to his home Cape Town to follow his dream of directing and shooting commercials.

Simon’s passion is create beautiful and unique visuals that focus on the brand and product as the hero. His work stands-out for its considered and crafted approach to lighting and composition and his meticulous attention to detail is a unique and gifted skill. He works on each and every frame with intent, crafting the process to achieve visual perfection and is constantly pushing the contemporary boundaries to develop new and unique visual approaches. He has truly mastered the art of making food and beverages look enticing, delicious and natural. A direct result of his many years of experience shooting at the top of his game for the worlds major food and beverage brands.

Simon is proficient in various shooting techniques such as slow-motion, stop-motion, motion-design and camera-robotics and his vast knowledge and experience in graphic design and post-production allow him to fully control the whole process from start to finish.

Simon is based with Grinder Films in Cape Town, South Africa and shoots in their studios in Cape Town and Warsaw for both local and international markets.