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Steve started directing as a natural progression from being one of the world’s leading macro/micro high speed, liquids and time-lapse DOP’s. As chief cameraman at Oxford Scientific Films for over 12 years, Steve’s talents were sought out by directors such as: Tony Kaye, Danny Klienmann, Daniel Barber & Tarsem to name but a few.
Steve is one of the busiest tabletop directors in the world with an impressive list of returning clients that are simply too many to mention. His lack of ego and technical skills elevate him above his competitors and he is known to be ‘a joy to work with’. For his most recent spot, VW Golf for Adam & Eve DDB in London, he built rigs that let the camera travel at speeds in excess 95mph whilst shooting at 18,000 fps. His knowledge and mastery of state-of-the-art camera systems, cutting-edge motion control technology and high-speed beer and liquid work is unrivalled.


Steve Downer – Montage

KFC – Super Spicy Zinger

Nature Valley – Waterfall


Star Cafe – Coffee

Ribena – Migration

Marengo – Bianco

VW – Born Again

Legend Beer

Krikita Nuts

Carioca Coffee

Pepsi Brand ID

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