Olaf Van Gerwen



Olaf was born in the Netherlands and studied audiovisual production. He quickly started directing television shows and music videos and became an Offline editor to cut TVC’s and moved into directing commercials.
Olaf’s passion for cinematography as well as lighting and lensing has driven his work; creating unique images and visuals that please the eye. Olaf’s advertising work as director and DOP is firmly seated in the food, beverage and dairy genre and he is equally skilled at shooting Tabletop, lifestyle imagery as well as visual storytelling. Olaf lives with his family in Amsterdam and loves to travel and shoot abroad.


Meat, Poultry and Fish Reel 2016

Liquids Reel

Vegetables & Salads Reel

Fruit & Dairy Reel 2016

Lidl Autumn

Maggi Pasta

Norge – Matias Herring

Old Amsaterdam – Gold Character

Honig – Soep Creatie

De Ruyer – Broodje Bijzonder

Miratorg – No Compromise

Dr Oetker – Tirileçe

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