Mark van Niekerk

SFX / Rigs / Tanks / Substitutes

Mark became involved in Tabletop in 2000, with the launch of Alchemy Studio. In 2005 Alchemy Studio relocated from Cape Town to Bucharest. Mark also undertook the move, and was joined by model maker Adri Stone. He returned to South Africa at the end of 2006, and joined Tabletop Studio, once again setting up a fully functional rigging and SFX workshop. In 2008 he left Tabletop Studio, taking a year off to develop his interest in macro photography and Stop Frame animation.
Over the years he has specialised in creating hyper real substitutes for a range of liquids, especially liquid chocolate, as well as designing and fabricating the various rigs and tanks required for achieving the desired result. He has a background in mechanics and electronics, and has also explored the world of motion control programming, using the Kuper system to program and control rigs for delivery (dropping, pouring etc) and tracking.

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