Gerda Genis

Food, Lifestyle & Fashion Photographer

Cape Town-based photographer, Gerda Genis has for many years been an acclaimed food and fashion photographer. She has twice won the coveted Photographer of the Year Award from Media24 in South Africa. With a constant stream of Covers and breathtaking editorials with some of the worlds most beautiful women including Corbin Bernson, Claudia Schiffer, Alfrie Woodard and Linda Evangelista, Gerda has always had a passion for the ultimate in culinary experiences and on many occasions has had opportunities to bring both inspirations together. More recently she was commissioned to travel to France and shoot beautiful images for a book entitled ‘Sumptuous’ by super chef Marlene Van der Westhuizen. Gerda’s instinctively natural and spontaneous approach to the delicious dishes prepared and set in typical french style, adding a touch of romance with docu-style images of the local inhabitants was a complete recipe for success. Publications she has been featured in include American Harper's Bazaar, British Hello, SA's Elle, Fair Lady, Rooi Rose, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Sarie, Visi, Taste, House & Leisure and FHM. "My happiest moment comes when I know that I have managed to Capture that elusive moment, that private intimacy, usually reserved for a very private audience, in the woman that I photograph. Feminine sensuality, having captivated the world for ages, having become the driving force behind many an ideology, is my most precious, most difficult, most elusive, most fascinating subject. So it is with food.”

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