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Grinder Slingshot-Rig Test

Grinder recently designed-and-built a high-speed rotation-rig which we call the “Slingshot”. This purpose-built SFX camera-rig allows us to rotate an inward-facing Phantom Flex camera shooting at 2400 frames per second around central subjects at extremely high-speeds of 80 Hz which translates to around 1,5 full axis rotations per second. When you see this rig in front of you at full rotation it is a rather scary sight I must admit ;) We still need to tweak and perfect a few things here-and-there such as lighting concepts and lensing but we are almost there and the visual results so far all point to an amazing result. This rig is definitely a game-changer and shot-maker in terms of creating very unique visuals. Here then is some pretty weird and wonderful test-footage we shot recently on the rig in our studio – once you have seen this I am sure you will agree it makes for some pretty awesome, unique and interesting imagery. We hope you like it :)