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Tabletop Director/DOP Ronald Koetzier joins Grinder roster

Grinder is very happy to announce that the tabletop-specialist Director/DOP Ronald Koetzier has joined the Grinder roster for representation with immediate effect. Ronald’s strong visual style of eye-catching, poetic and contemporary images with an exceptional attention to detail is unmistakeable . His exceptional experience with Motion Control and the integration of CGI in combination with both tabletop & live action is impressive. Ronald works on all camera formats such as 35mm, Alexa, Red, 5D and is a specialist on the Phantom Flex high-speed camera & Bolt High-Speed Motion Control, all of which are available through our Grinder studio in Cape Town, South Africa.

After completing his studies in Photography, Ronald worked as a Cinematographer for the past 20 years on many international award winning spots. He has been directing in combination with cinematography for the last 15 years. He has filmed in well over 30 countries and specialises in food & tabletop in combination with live action.

To view Ronald’s latest Tabletop Montage 2014 please click the link here.

For more info please contact: theproducer@grinderfilms.com