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Checkers Cheese & Wine TVC with Gordon Ramsay & Nataniël

The follow-on and second TVC from the existing 2013 Checkers campaign with Gordon Ramsay and Nataniël has just been released and is on air. This TVC features the Checkers local and international selections of cheese & wine and represents part of an ongoing TVC campaign for a whole new range of products being introduced by Checkers. The Cape Town based advertising agency 99Cents approached Grinder Films in May to produce two new promotional TVC for Checkers featuring the TV personality and Michelin-starred chef Gordon Ramsay with the SA homegrown celebrity Nataniël. Here once again the unlikely duo are featured together while testing & tasting the various cheese & wine products. As per usual, Ramsay convinces with his professional and expert approach while being observed and commented on by the dry-humoured Nataniël. Grinder shot the TVC at the wine estate and gourmet cooking-school Leopards Leap located in Franschhoek near Cape Town.

To view the TVC click the following link on the Grinder Films Vimeo channel  >

Checkers Cheese & Wine