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Grinder kicks-off 2013!

Oh boy…can you believe the speed that 2012 flew past us…? Here we are at the beginning of 2013 …and it seems like January 2012 was only a few months ago!  Grinder has some pretty exciting new developments to bring to the market in 2013…but more about that later ;-) It definitely is going to pay to plan the year 2013 as soon as possible and that’s just what we are doing right now. Our summer production season 2013 here in Cape Town is in full swing already and the Asia Adfest in Thailand in March is only 8 short weeks away. Fact is…2013 is probably going to be a fast year for sure but if it can be as great a year as 2012 was for Grinder then we are in for a fantastic ride :-)

Grinder would like to wish all our friends, clients and supporters all the very best for this year 2013!