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Kiev based ESSE House Production awarded Grinder Films and in-house director Robert Payton the task of shooting two Tabletop demos for the Pepsico juice brand Sandora. The two food & liquid demos are integral parts of the Sandora lifestyle TV commercial campaign directed by the Spanish commercials director Alejandro Toledo, which flighted in the Ukraine in the Spring and Summer of 2012. Rumor has it that the Sandora campaign is the largest production budget to come out of the Ukraine to-date. As the lifestyle performance side of the production needed to be produced in a sunny location, Grinder Films pitched for the servicing of 3 day live-action production against competition in both Argentina and South Africa won the production service contract.

Grinder EP David Rowley had the following to say: “Grinder Films ability to cover both director-driven productions as well as service the live-action productions through one company was in fact the deal-maker for our clients from Kiev. Optimizing the two production work-flows as well as crew and equipment for both productions allowed for an efficient and cost-effective application of production resources. Needless to say we are very proud of the results achieved.”