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Grinder Films shoots Knorr SA Chefs campaign for Unilever

After shooting the Unilever Knorr Chefs campaign in Europe over the past year, Grinder Films was awarded the latest South African market Knorr Chefs campaign commercial by DDB Johannesburg. The commercial was shot on location in Cape Town, South Africa and featured genuine Knorr development chefs to highlight the brands commitment to real food prepared by real chefs. The story plays two Knorr chefs and their specific products against each other in a type “cook-off” with dead-tie as the outcome. Cross shooting with 2 cameras and filming at a real kitchen was a great bonus, allowing the chefs to relax and concentrate on the food and not the technicalities of performance or film-making.

The commercial which is airing now,  exploited director Rob Payton’s forte in combining beautiful looking food with credible performance. Rob’s sentiments: “After so many international jobs it was great to be shooting for the local market again.  It is always good to see your work appear on your own TV set!”